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About WE

Karen Berk reads to WE students
The goal of Whitemarsh Elementary School is to provide students with a solid foundation for lifelong learning and to foster positive interpersonal relationships within a safe and nurturing environment. The educational program is directly aligned to state and national standards; however, our teachers take the approach of differentiating instruction to address the individual needs of all students.

Teachers employ “best instructional practices” in their teaching methodologies and all students receive instruction in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and health. Additionally, all students receive instruction in the specialist areas of art, music, physical education and library science by a certified specialist teacher on a weekly basis. Students also have technology as part of their specialist rotation. Additionally, a full-time guidance counselor provides a developmental guidance program for students.

Students are more engaged in everyday learning thanks to the cutting-edge technology employed in our classrooms. All classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards, projectors, high powered digital overhead presenters and document cameras. We also have video conferencing capability and a computer lab. Our students are taught basic computer skills based on the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). Students learn on one of the four networked computers in each classroom by participating in activities that are aligned with grade level curriculums. An Internet filter blocks inappropriate material and close teacher supervision is maintained.

Whitemarsh Elementary offers full-day kindergarten which enables teachers to spend ample time interacting with students and exploring topics in depth, as well as providing continuity of day-to-day activities and an overall environment conducive to learning development.