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Third graders running seconds after the start of the run

Field Day

Field Day is an all-day event near the end of the school year, when students from every grade level participate in different types of games and activities. Field Day is a a great day for your child to get exercise and have fun doing it. Parents volunteer to help run different stations during the event. A sign-up sheet is available the end of May.
Sponsor: Mr. Yeakel

Library Club

The Library Club invites all WES 3rd graders interested in reading a variety of books, participating in a variety of activities that focus on discussions about books, using a variety of technology to share information about books, learning about different genres and talking about the books you read. Some of the activities include skits, videos, posters and book talk games. We will also use technology ,such as creative apps on iPads, special review and book recommendation features on Destiny and learn about appropriate digital communication citizenship with Edmodo. The best reason to join is that you will have fun sharing the stories you love with friends! The Library Club meets in the WES Library every Wednesday after school until 5 p.m. beginning in December for 15 weeks!
Sponsor: Mrs. Campbell

Smile Mile

The Smile Mile is an annual school-wide event where students walk/run a mile (kindergarten students walk/run a half mile). It is a great opportunity for children to prove to themselves that they can accomplish personal challenges and goals. Parents are welcome to participate with their child if they choose to. The most important part of the Smile Mile is that students smile and have fun while exercising. There will be running/walking practices before school to help the children get in shape for the event, which occurs in early May.
Sponsor: Mr. Yeakel

Third Grade Chorus

Chorus is a special music ensemble offered only to our 3rd grade students. Chorus is comprised of students who love to sing. This group is a great opportunity to learn teamwork and develop skills that will give the children a feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence. Plus, it will be a lot of fun! Each year the chorus performs at the 3rd grade concert and other special events.
Sponsor: Mrs. Langis

Third Grade Intramural Program

Intramurals is a before-school program that gives third grade students the opportunity to participate in and learn about the game of hockey and/or basketball. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge of the games to join in on the fun. Participants should have a willingness to learn and cooperate with their teammates and be willing to show good sportsmanship throughout the program. Students who exhibit excellent sportsmanship can earn a sportsmanship award. Hockey takes place in the fall, while basketball takes place in the winter/spring.
Sponsor: Mr. Yeakel