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Library Mission:

It is the purpose and mission of the Whitemarsh Elementary School Library to introduce students to fundamental informational literacy skills and encourage the love of reading necessary for lifelong learning. To accomplish our mission it is important to provide literature and resource materials that support the classroom curricula as well as the reading interest for K-3 level students in accordance with the District's acquisition policy.

Library lessons are designed to help students understand organization, resources, explore genres, accept responsibility, demonstrate citizenship and select appropriate level books for personal interest. Utilization of technology is frequent since the library catalog is an online web-based system, and we have access to a variety of credible online resources for research. Students will have the opportunity to learn responsible, ethical use of technology to locate information and to demonstrate knowledge of material.

All students begin the year with an introduction or review of Library Citizenship and manners. All students pledge to be a Good Library Citizen and strive to follow the basic and very important rules.

How To Be A Good Library Citizen:

  • Respect others.
  • Select books quietly.
  • Use a shelf marker.
  • Use walking feet in the library.
  • Choose a "just right" book.
  • Take good care of library books.
  • Do not write, scribble, draw in the books.
  • Use a bookmark.
  • Do not eat or drink around library books.
  • Keep them in a safe place, away from pets and younger siblings.
  • Keep books dry.
  • Always carry books in a book bag or backpack.
  • Return books on time!


Contact the Librarian

Mrs. Cathy Campbell
Library Media Specialist

Send an email or call
610-828-9092, ext. 3005.

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