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Policies and Procedures

Book Circulation

All books are checked out for one week time period. All grade levels begin the school year being able to check out one book. Then different grade levels may check out more books according to their grade level limit after they have completed their library citizen pledge

  • Kindergarten: 1 book
  • First grade: 1 book
  • Second grade: 2 books
  • Third grade: 3 books

Overdue Books

Forgotten books must be returned ASAP, the following day is preferred. When a student forgets to return a book(s), he or she will not be allowed to check another book out until he or she returns the forgotten book. The librarian is available every morning 9:10 to 9:30 for students that need to return books and check out new ones.Overdue notices will be sent periodically, once a marking period.

Lost/Damaged Books

Lost or damaged books must be reimbursed to the Whitemarsh Elementary Library. Make checks payable to Whitemarsh Elementary School in the amount that is noted on the overdue library letter. Checks are held until the beginning of the following marking period in case some lost books do find their way back to the library. Year-end lost books must be reimbursed before report cards are distributed. No refunds for found books after account has been paid.

Contact the Librarian

Mrs. Cathy Campbell
Library Media Specialist

Send an email or call
610-828-9092, ext. 3005.