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WES - IMPORTANT - Absence and Dismissal Reminder - UPDATED!!!

WES - IMPORTANT - Absence and Dismissal Reminder - UPDATED!!!

SKIP THE PHONE CALL – Go directly to the Absence Form.  Sending the Absence Note as soon as you know your student will be absent will 1) ensure the absence is excused, 2) keep you from receiving the robo call, text and email.


DOCTOR NOTES – Are REQUIRED if your student is out four (4) or more consecutive days.   If you take your child to the doctor or call the doctor, REQUEST a doctor note.  Please be sure to either upload the note to the Absence Form, have your child bring it to Mrs. DiLemmo in the school office or fax it to (610) 828-1516.  These notes do NOT go to the school nurse.  If there are additional instructions on the doctor note they will be forwarded to the Nurses, Classroom Teacher, Gym Teacher and Music Teacher.  Providing a Doctor Note is Like a Free Pass on an absence.


DISMISSAL CHANGE, EARLY DISMISSAL It is best to submit these the day of the change.  It is hard to keep track of these changes when received days/weeks before the change will occur.  Sending these the night before or early in the day (before noon) lets us get your changes to teachers in a timely fashion to not disrupt teaching.  We realize there may be emergency changes and that is never a problem.


TARDY / LATENESS – Let us know if your child will be late. If they are marked absent without an absence form you will receive the robo call, email and text.  It also lets the teacher know to expect your child.


EDUCATIONAL TRIP REQUEST – Complete this as soon as you know you will going away on a trip.  If your reason for absence is not covered by the reasons listed on the Absence Note an Educational Trip might be the option for an excused absence.  REMEMBER – you are only allotted 5 Educational Trip Days per school year.


WONDERSPRING - If you student goes to Wonderspring and you have a change be sure to let both Wonderspring and the school know.  We are not the same thing.


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